Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, 2011

A couple of shots taken at dusk from Koh Phi Phi – The famous ‘Beach” paradise. Plenty of photo opportunities on this stunning island  .. Once Idyllic and now hellish – ruined by tourism and gap year brats staggering around from theme bar to theme bar.

We went there in 2008 and returned again in 2011 – the difference , even those three  years,  was very noticeable . I spoke to a local girl – she was in tears about what had happened to her beautiful homeland  – Pollution, noise, overcrowding, selfishness and teenage drunkenness every day and night.

The once famous memorial garden for victims of the tsunami lay in ruins,  whilst, only a few metres away on the beach,  the party kids guzzled buckets of cheap booze, took selfies of themselves astride giant phalic wooden sculptures and danced , ankle deep in litter, to bland booming club music ..

A sad, maybe, inevitable turn of tourism events but after that second trip I knew  I’d never be back.

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