Japanese woodblock print exhibition 2010.
Travelogue is a collection of Japanese woodblock prints inspired by Gardner’s travels to Europe, America and especially Asia. The origins of each these prints are in photographs and sketches which on return to Glasgow are transformed into the careful medium of Japanese woodblock printing. Computer technology is used to refine the image and to work out the carving involved in the colour break down of each wooden block.
A print is usually made from between eight to fourteen different hand carved blocks (depending on the complexity of the image) which are then printed onto Japanese paper using a bamboo baren with paint or Japanese pigments. It is this contrast between technology and the craftsmanship involved in tradition that, makes this particular kind of printmaking a fascinating combination of past and present.
The approach to the subject matter of each of these print depends on various factors – it may be inspired by the smile of a “Tuk Tuk” driver in Bangkok or by a carriage full of dozy subway passengers in Tokyo. Sometimes it can be as simple as a tin toy robot, or as sudden and dramatic as a black rainstorm descending upon Hong Kong Harbour.





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