The Changing Fortunes of life . Digital Print .

The Changing Fortunes Of Lifejpeg


‘A new attitude to space’ Mixed media work from ‘Infrastructure’ portfolio.


‘Screen Test’ – New piece of work in Current work portfolio.

First hair model I’ve painted with obviously dark hair – which I found slightly disconcerting .. The print in the magazine was fading … so at the least I’ve preserved her 15 minutes of salon fame . She’s from around 1950 and East German – another young maiden from Dresden.

Screen test
‘Screen Test’ Acrylic painting. 18 x 23 cm

Vintage German Non Binary.

Topical and amusing costume from a vintage German magazine. A single page – very fragile – the date has torn from the top making it hard to identify the exact time and place. There is a headline ‘ Auf einer kleinen bank im park ‘(On a small bench in the park) which might mean something to German readers ?