‘Infrastructure’ work finally hanging together

Visit to Dundee at the weekend to hang our G31 Art Collective group show – Opens on Saturday 25th . Was really exciting to see my ‘Infrastructure’ work (2015 -2017) all hanging together in large space – the feedback has been incredibly positive.


‘A new attitude to space’ Mixed media work from ‘Infrastructure’ portfolio.


Uses of Japanese Woodblock printing in my own work

I use a lot of relief printing in my work – especially Mokuhanga / Japanese woodblock printing.

The images below – in a simplified sequence – show how I used this technique to develop and produce a  print as one component for my mixed media piece ‘Infrastructure’. Portfolio of similar work here

I made five prints using seven carved blocks and chose the the most suitable to be used in the final piece.

The print was made from an image of a salon model in a vintage German hair magazine. 1950

New piece in ‘Current Work’ portfolio

Just added this piece ‘Nord – Süd’ into my ‘Current Work’ portfolio . It’s made from  two acrylic paintings which I completed last year and a ‘found image’ of an acrobat from an old German theatre magazine Circa 1939. I painted the street scene – an image I found in an  article about new uses of  street lighting – from a Graphic magazine Circa 1931. The demure young lady was painted from a fuzzy photograph in a DDR hair salon magazine from 1956.

I’d been looking for a context for both the paintings over the last six months , but had never considered using them in the same piece because I usually don’t put two paintings alongside each other in my compositions – however on this occasion, when I put them together by accident , the young lady seemed very comfortable above the street lighting  and I felt that the juxtaposition created a mood of anticipation and seemed haunting all at the same time.

The acrobat to the right hand side was one of three possibilities – there was initially an image of some roses and an another of a audience … But he was chosen because I could imagine him performing in one of the theatres along the street.. Also,  I liked the idea that it was a simple image and, compositionally, he was climbing upwards to North from South.

Hopefully I’ve managed to conjure up a ‘mood’. I don’t like to be too prescriptive in my art  .. I like the components to suggest their own connections,  attach themselves to each other and find their own company. In this way I think the viewers can make up their own  ideas about meaning and dialogue.